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About the artist

Hi, I'm Kaylie! I'm an artist who is working towards building an awesome portfolio and sharing my art with the world.  I recently graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and drawing.  While I was at Utah State I also minored in Art History and Psychology and these two subjects have had a lot of influence in my artwork.  

My work is an affordable option for people who want to have tasteful, contemporary artwork in their homes without spending an arm and a leg.  My work provides a colorful and fun addition to any room.  I paint a variety of city scenes from locations around the world, so chances are you will find a piece that is meaningful to you!  I like to think of the city as a living, breathing organism and attempt to portray it as such.  My work will bring that little bit of life to your space and remind you of far of places close to your heart. Take a look at my gallery and find what speaks to you.


Artist Statement

I am interested in the vivacity of inanimate objects and have found that cities illustrate this idea most effectively because their liveliness can be found in not just their inhabitants, but in the compositional form of the city itself.  The combination of buildings, corners, streetlamps, billboards and window shapes make every city unique. 

I have been influenced by Fairfield Porter and Richard Diebenkorn, as well as Wassily Kandinsky’s early work, and the cityscapes of Egon Schiele.  I wish to replicate the looseness of these artists while emphasizing the specificity of individual shapes. I do not want my stylistic choices to feel forced, so I use large brushes which force me to react to each mark.  My paintings become a series of responses rather than a carefully planned image.  By giving up a measure of control these paintings seem to grow of their own volition. 

These cityscapes are animated by eliminating rigid boundaries like right angles and straight lines.  I do not make sketches before starting a painting, preferring to work directly on the canvas, so that proportions become skewed and buildings are squished.  My paintings depict the city as a living thing that is described using an organic and disorderly language.